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Donasiana Mwangombe

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The Donar Mwangombe Basket is handwoven by a weaving group in Kenya. The basket is named after the person who made it. The Donar Mwangombe Basket features green, brown and peach horizontal stripes. Your purchase gives people the opportunity to sustain their families.

These baskets are handmade. As with anything that is handmade, there are unique variations between products and within different components of our product, however, if  you are unsure about something please reach out to our team with questions. 

All sizes are approximate
XS can vary from 3" to 4" in diameter/3" high
S can vary from 5" to 8" in diameter/can vary from 5" to 6" high
M  can vary from 8" to 9" in diameter/ can vary from 7" to 8" high
L  can vary from 10" to 11" in diameter/ 9" high
XL  can vary from 13"-14" in diameter/ 11" high
XXL  can vary from 13" to 15" in diameter/ 14" high