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If you spill something on your basket try to remove it with water or with a soft detergent. The natural sisal may soak up some of the color (if it was coffee for example) so try to get to the stain as soon as possible. Keep your basket away from direct sunlight. The colors will fade if exposed to bright sunlight! Keep your basket dry, it is made from natural materials so will deteriorate over time if it gets wet. If your basket gets out of shape, you can spray it lightly with water and reshape it with your hands, or put a pot of a similar shape inside it. If you use your basket as a plant pot, ensure you keep the basket dry. Line your basket with thick plastic or use a plastic pot inside your basket.


You can wash your hand-embroidered denim and huipiles on the lightest cycle in the washing machine in cold water. It is always best to use natural detergent because it is not as hard on the thread colors or the thread itself (or mother earth!). Hang to dry or dry in the machine on a low or delicate cycle. For the longest use, hang to dry and just place in the dryer for a few minutes to soften. If a thread starts to come undone, put a very small amount of super glue to prevent the thread from coming undone any further.