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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the thread that connects our artisans and customers by empowering both sides to be their best selves, and ultimately, be a source of joy for others around the world. 


Our Mission - Montie & Joie


Montie & Joie is on a mission to connect people and cultures from all over the world. We believe the key to a better planet is people from across the globe feeling connected, removing the false sense of “other” that many of us feel. We believe that through Montie & Joie a beautiful tapestry of connections can be achieved thread by thread.  The more connected we feel to each other, the more connected we will become to the environments we live in, reducing our individual footprints as we discover that our actions in one place have an impact on people living in another. 

Connection amongst different cultures is at the core of our mission, as we provide deeper insights into the products and ways of living in other countries to further our knowledge of our environment, our world, and our impact. 



Victors instead of victims, we want to see the beauty that comes through striving in spite of adversity. We all have hard chapters in our story, but none of us should be reduced to just that part of our complex selves. In this industry, we often see artisans portrayed as victims of their circumstances, when truly that is a small part of who they truly are. Their talent is their empowerment to craft a brighter future. Our mission is to portray them as the talented, smart, and empowered women that they are.  

Beyond empowering our team, which was the foundation to this business, we want to empower our customers to feel good about their purchases. We know that impact is at our fingertips, sometimes literally through a click. Our mission is to empower our clients to increase their impact easily by supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. Our clients can make a difference by supporting a great cause and feeling fabulous at the same time. We believe our clients should not have to compromise being fashionable with their ethical values. Thus, we have chosen to empower our clients to make a difference in others lives while feeling great in their own skin.  


Joy (Joie)

For what sense does a joyless journey have? Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all,” At Montie & Joie we want to give joy a voice and bring our community back to this feeling.  We don’t want our artisans or customers to “miss all”. We are strong believers of finding joy in the journey, and wish nothing less for our community. Life is meant to be played with. We believe we can bring joy to the artisans and their families by providing the means for a better life. We also believe our clients can experience joy through their purchase. By providing work that our artisan teams love and designing products that are full of vibrant color, we hope our community will feel that joy and carry it with them in their day to day.