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Made by Free Women Gold Sunshine Tote Bag

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  • bag
  • gold
  • Jeans
  • sunshine
  • tote bag

This collection was done in partnership with Made Free CO, a social enterprise apparel accessories brand established to compete on the world stage in design and quality while serving as a vehicle for consumers to help create sustainable social reform. Their mission is for one million people to be made free through self-sustaining jobs. Their brand promise aligned with ours in such a beautiful way that we took their product and embroidered it with our team of talented artisans in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. Our work with this collective enables these artists to earn fair wages while practicing a craft they hold dear to their hearts. Every purchase supports our continued work and our dream of bringing connection, empowerment and joy to both sides of the supply chain. 

This tote bag is hand-embroidered by a group of talented makers in Guatemala using traditional techniques. The "Made by Free Women" bag features an embroidered gold sunray design.

Please note that these products are handmade. As with anything that is handmade, there are unique variations between products and within different components of our product, however, if  you are unsure about something please reach out to our team with questions.